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Danielle Wood

Credit: Andres Rico

Credit: Gretchen Ertl

Che-Wei Wang operates the Zenolith, a novel free-flying pointing device to orient space travelers in the universe, while Ariel Ekblaw looks on. Credit: Steve Boxall/ZERO-G

Millions of objects created by humans orbit the Earth according to some estimates, creating a need for innovation to protect the space environment. Credit: European Space Agency

A Labber’s panda avatar explores the outer-space themed atrium featuring invaders in zero gravity! Credit: Dan Novy

Credit: Space Exploration Initiative

MIT Space Exploration Initiative event shows that collective imagination is essential to space exploration and innovation

Credit: OpenBCI, Inc

MIT Media Lab

The Media Lab is home to an interdisciplinary research culture where art, science, design, and technology build and play off one another.

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